Bulk fuel delivery

Bulk Fuel Deliveries

We are passionate about keeping the New Zealand Primary Sector moving.  We take pride in providing seamless fuel solutions to our customers, so they can focus on what really matters to grow their business.

We are here for the Primary Sector and we know the role we play in keeping your business moving on a daily basis and the importance you place on a reliable and seamless fuel solution.

​Our staff live in the communities where you operate and we understand the importance of providing a stress free and reliable fuel service that allows you to focus on what matters to your business.

Speak to your local Account Manager today to see how we can help your business keep moving.

We can offer regular deliveries of Diesel, 91 Petrol and 95 Petrol (in some areas), and we specialise in catering for those in the Primary Sector.  This includes;

  • Farming
  • Agricultural Contractors
  • Horticultural & Market Gardeners
  • Earthworks
  • Marine Industry
  • Wine and Vineyard Industry
  • Cropping
  • Forestry
  • Small Commercial Businesses

What our clients say

“Bloody marvellous, couldn’t fault them, best service ever”
Duncan McDonald
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