Our Story

The creation of Fern

In the early 2000s Farmlands Fuel and Southfuels/Northfuels embarked on separate journeys in the fuel industry.

Farmlands Fuel transitioned to CRT Fuel in 2007 and secured the Challenge! Business in 2010. In 2012-2013, the Farmlands business merged with CRT. Farmlands Fuel continued to supply fuel to the primary industries of New Zealand until it merged with South/Northfuels in 2022.

Southfuels was born in the 1990s, also servicing the primary industries of New Zealand. By 2008 Southfuels had expanded to the North Island creating the dual brand of Northfuels. South/Northfuels introduced Z in 2010. The Alignment Strategy in 2019 set the stage for growth. In 2022, both entities recognised the synergy and merged to create Fern.

Under the new structure established in 2022, Fern emerged, blending the strengths of Farmlands Fuel and South/Northfuels. This strategic move positioned Fern as a dynamic player in the fuel industry, ready to navigate the industry challenges.